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We have officially released on all the platforms! Feel free to grab the executable from here or steam as both are free to play. 

Just uploaded our new build! Also, we have been approved for iOS and the Google Play app stores, so expect to see our games on those platforms on our official release date, APRIL 27, 2018!

Hello. Loved your game, its a great concept and i thought the art style of it was lovely, I. really enjoyed playing it. I hope you don't mind but i included it in my video this week. Thanks again

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Thanks for including it Four Mile Circus!  Glad you liked the art as we have spent a lot of time working to perfect the painterly style. We are also hoping to release a new build pretty shortly to improve the UI so stay tuned!

Hello thanks for the message! The art style is wonderful and its very interesting to play in it. I look forward to the ui update, thanks again and good luck with your game!

Better than I thought it would be, relaxing and challenging at the same time. I hate running out of water!

Quite the challenge but also a very interesting concept. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games.

Thanks for the video and good job getting to the last levels! We are always trying to improve the game and hopefully our new gui and tutorial implementations help clarify any confusion you had. I love the Groot image at the beginning!